Pros and Cons of Cruising

Cruising a very popular way to take an affordable vacation that offers plenty of fun and exciting activity options. However, cruising is not for everyone, especially those who get sea sick. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when considering a cruise.


Cost – Cruising can be one of the least expensive ways to travel. With some of the cheaper cruise lines like Carnival and Norwegian, there are often deals available to cruise for 7 nights from as low as $300-$400 per person depending on the time of year. Many cruisers are also able to drive to the port, meaning there is no costly flight.

Activities – There is always something going on on a cruise. Depending upon the cruise line you choose, the ship you cruise on, and what you are interested in doing, there is always something that will appeal to you.

Locations – Unlike an all-inclusive resort vacation, a cruise allows you to see many places at once. For vacationers on a budget, this can be a great way to see the world. If you are traveling in the Caribbean, for instance, you may not need to spend a week in 4 different countries, …