Something A Little Different, A prospective From My Daughter Amber:

kidsBoundaries and Limits with Kids

By Amber Hillier

All parents love to see their children happy, they want their children to avoid hurt and heartbreak in their lives. To avoid this hurt, parents often shield their kids from the harsh realities of the world. I am not saying this is a bad thing, I absolutely agree that there are some terrible things going on in the world that a first grader does not need to know. But as an adult who has the job of helping kids to eventually grow up to be successful adults themselves, we need to make sure they are equipped to face the world and handle these hardships. If we put them in a bubble and never let them experience the pain that comes with a broken heart because their goldfish died or a fight with a friend when they come across these problems in much more serious quantities as adults they will not know how to handle them. If they are never told no, they will grow up expect the world to be handed to them. While it might be easier when they are five to give in and not have to deal with the …