Welcome to my new Blog – EVENTIDE Tours & Adventures!

Even Tide Tours nightHello everyone, welcome to my new Blog called EVENTIDE Tours & Adventures!

We invite ALL to share their adventures whether it be boating, yachting, car or hiking with us to enjoy and experience!  Please come back often and share with us.

It all began many years ago with a company called EVENTIDE Tours.

If you’ve ever thought about getting away during the summer for a week or so I would encourage you to visit Vancouver. Not only is it a beautiful city, imagine seeing it from the water.

It’s a magical location on the West Coast.  Seeing it from the water is like viewing it through a fresh new pair of eyes. EVENTIDE Tours has provided visitors and long time residents the opportunities to experience the city in a new and different way aboard the Ambrosia, full of luxury and complete comfort.

At one time EVENTIDE Tours, which was located in Vancouver BC, provided luxury yacht cruises aboard their flagship boat Ambrosia, which was a beautifully appointed sports yacht.  It had all the comforts of today’s luxury hotels combined with the amenities of world class limousines.

EVENTIDE’S Tours and cruises included adventures and sightseeing to many different destinations in and throughout Vancouver. Some of the places visited were: Indian Arm, and Snug Cove, Coal Harbour, Lion’s Gate, Burrard Street and Iron Workers Memorial Bridges and around the many famous sails. Also visited was Bedwell Bay, Belcarra Park and Deep Cove.

One of the nice things about EVENTIDE Tours and sailing with the Ambrosia, she was not limited to just those places, just in case, there was another destination you were interested in. They offered custom cruises in and throughout Vancouver so you and your guests were able to create the perfect day you were looking for.

Once onboard you were treated to appetizers and beverages of your choice, served up by the First Mate with seconds always at hand. Did I also mention they cruised around Olympic Village,  which was thrilling!

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