My Time On The Lake by Jeff

supra-likenessAfter graduating college I found this beautifully kept cottage/house on one of Oakland County’s inland lakes. The house was small around 900 square feet with well kept, with knotty pine paneling on the inside and beautiful landscaping on the outside. I purchased the house from an older lady who told me she and her husband had owned the house for many years, she told me the importance of wiping down the paneling twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Why I remember that I don’t know, maybe because of the passion and care she used to explain it to me. ¬†She wanted the house to go to someone who cared for it, as she and her husband once did. She found the right guy!

Once I bought the house I did some minor fixing up, nothing major as it was in immaculate shape already, most of the work was on the outside lakefront area. It had a nice dock but weeds had overtaken where boats were once docked. Once this area was cleared I was able to maneuver my boat into its docking space, a 30′ red Supra, a beautiful boat used for skiing, tubing, and barefooting.

I spent many a weekend out on the lake with family and friends enjoying skiing, tubing, barefooting and just relaxing. I spent more time driving the boat as I knew the lake and was pretty good at maneuvering around all the weekend boaters. My enjoyment came from watching the people who spent a little time on the water enjoy the rush of tubing and water skiing, as long as the lake wasn’t too rough. Kids especially were a blast to watch, from coaxing them on the tube to slowly gaining speed until they got a hang of it, to ultimately trying to bounce them off, safely of course! For me, seeing their faces light up from terror to laughing and “Go Faster” and finally letting them know it was time to go in and hearing “One More Time, Please” gave me the memories I’ll never forget.

This is just a small sliver of the enjoyment I spent each and every summer on Cass Lake!

The boat shown above is not my actual boat but a very good likeness!

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