My Time In Northern Michigan

Even Tide Tours TrainI remember before I went to work full time I visited northern Michigan, more specifically Marquette. I spent time there in summer and during the winter, each of those visits was a great experience with more than enough to do.  I guess that’s why I leaned toward getting into the photo business, I was able to take beautiful pictures during the summer which were breathtaking and during the winter months, I was able to capture absolutely gorgeous pictures of the lake front.

During one adventure into the woods, we stumbled across what appeared to be an old steam engine graveyard. For all train enthusiast, this was a once in a lifetime event, it was like all of a sudden we stumbled into a clearing of train tracks and there they were, standing in their quiet majesty, strong and still.  I don’t know if they were forgotten about or just left there to fade away, but it was a wonderful discovery, we climbed, we touched, we imagined what they were hauling, well we could see most of them seemed to be carrying ore from the local mines, ore was scattered all over the place. Tiny little balls resting there for who knows how long.

Needless to say, we had a great time visiting the many places and the places we discovered on our own in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I highly recommend visiting during July or August, those seem to me to be the best months for hiking, although I like it a little warm but if you’re into colors than September or early October are the months for you. Kim my heating and cooling buddy loves to go up just after Labor Day, either way, there’s something for everyone in the Upper Penninsula during the year, take the time to visit and see what I mean!

The picture is not of where we were but a very close representation of what we came across.

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